My Kitchen Project

November 17th, 2013

In an earlier post, I presented 5 kitchen designs. The designs were posted as I consider the best idea for my kitchen project. Yes, my bathroom is in order, modern and very convenient. That took a bit of time as I have to oversee every detail. The conservatory project is almost done and so I believe it’s time to move on to the kitchen. I am mulling over these types of kitchen:

1. Rustic Kitchen Theme

My idea of coziness and warmth is distinctly felt whenever I see a lot of timber in a certain area of a room. My kitchen would be a combination of wood, vintage appliances, a fireplace perhaps and a marble countertop for a touch of  contemporary design. It would most likely look the picture below.

marble-countertop-96084_640 (1)


2. Cabinets

Storage is important in every household but how they are presented is equally vital.  I prefer wood of course with a rough hewn look to complement my rustic theme. But I am caught between polished, smooth finish to a distressed look. I wouldn’t want my kitchen to be seen as out of a log cabin design. It should be more rustic cum modern. What do you think of this cabinet? Is it too polished for my idea of a rustic theme?



I also like open storage as the content could be part of the decor of the kitchen. Open shelves must definitely added. Look at the photo below, the colorful bottles add to the essence of the kitchen. And the wares displayed on the other photo is a sight to behold. The antique shelf would balance the marble countertop and a modern sink.





3. Vintage Appliances

I would definitely put in appliances similar to these polished copper pots and pans plus this stove. Age-old, functional and definitely rustic.





4. Fireplace

A fireplace for me not only adds to a relaxing ambiance but in the kitchen, it could be multi- functional as a stone oven or merely to add heat during the cold season. Much thought have been done as to whether I would add one as the maintenance could take much time. The function and need exceeds the disadvantage I suppose when I saw this design. With a few modification, it would be perfect for my kitchen.



5. Modern metal sink

There’s nothing I would prefer than to have a convenient metal sink like the picture below.It looks clean and very


That’s much about my kitchen design with a unique combination of old and new. Convenience and functionality are first and foremost in my standards but design and aesthetic are very essential as well. What do you think?



The Top 10 Commandments of Home Interior Design

June 5th, 2015
  1. Discover your personal style. Start a style and idea folder of rooms that you love. Don’t be afraid to incorporate items (furniture, art, whatever) from different design styles. It’s all about mix and match.
  2. It’s all about you. Consider your hobbies, activities and passions. Make sure that your style is uniquely yours.
  3. Don’t settle. Don’t just buy things to fill the room. It will be well worth the wait when you’ve assembled a room made up of things you love.
  4. Work to a plan. Using an accurate floor plan and then adding in all the elements of your design plan is the best way to ensure a great design. It allows you to spread out your purchases and still achieve the cohesive look that you’re after.
  5. Embrace color. Color is one of the best ways to add warmth and personality in a room. Find what shades make you happy and use them to add some life to your room. Small rooms are a great place to make a dramatic color statement.
  6. Don’t worry about the “new” trends. Like most everyone, we love to work with the new colors and fabrics, and we’ll try to keep you updated on them. However, make sure that your style is uniquely yours. Great design is timeless.
  7. Lighting is crucial. You can try different types of lighting, such as incandescent or halogen, or use lighting fixtures, such as sconces and chandeliers as part of your design theme.
  8. Consider your options for your walls. Wall art doesn’t need to be expensive as long as it needs to please you. Framing personal photographs of your favorite vacation can add a beautiful statement to a room, while making it uniquely your own.
  9. Ceilings need love too. If there is no crown molding in a room, there is no reason to not extend the color on the walls into the ceiling to create a cohesive, never-ending look to the room. As the most used surface in a room, quality that will withstand foot traffic is essential.
  10. Consider flow. Open floor plans make color flow and design flow more important than ever. No room is an island. Some colors complement each other and work wonderfully together. Others just seem jarring and uncomfortable when used together. Help with color families is widely available on the web.

How Window Furnishings Look Today and in the Past

March 24th, 2015

Interior design definitely comes with trends. One style may be popular at the moment but by the next time, there may be another that will be the hot topic. In any case, this is also a condition that is same when we talk of window furnishings.

A lot has happened from the past to the present and, of course, physical and functional aspects of these coverings have been heavily influenced and changed, for the better at that. But all in all, these treatments are purposeful in changing how the indoors and a room specifically looks just by their addition.

When we are to delve into the precious looks of blinds, for instance, you can then very much see how far we have all come in design and home improvement. Before, you do not have as many selections like now. There are different kinds nowadays that offer numerous materials, colours and patterns, fitting the theme or motif you are going for.


Window furnishings can come in wood and fabrics, among others. Wood is a natural material that is praised for its durability and longevity, though it can be said that it is one that may come with a greater price tag. But now, there are more cost effective alternatives like composite ones composed of both wood and plastic. With the presence of the latter, these types are then with lesser monetary value but are still with the same functionalities as the others.


At the moment, you have got a wide range of shades, both light and dark, to choose from. You can opt to go minimal, go maximal or even be just in between. Mix and match even to come up to your desired palette. Yes, you can do such now compared to before where there are still colour limitations.


And even with colouring, some folks are just not satisfied. With this, various styles have been produced. From lines, shapes to other creative and decorative figures, they have been incorporated to window furnishing materials to bring an outstanding sense of design and value.

Now, technology has played a big role to changes as well. Say, blinds and shutters of the past come with cords, chains and such for their operations like opening and closing. Some are still like these in these times but they are being made so to fit safety standards, among others. These hanging lines can be harmful, especially to children, so manufacturers have also thought of eliminating or just hiding them from sight.

PerfectFits are the type of window furnishing that you should check out. These blinds are innovative as they do not have to be installed by screwing or drilling of holes. There is none of that anymore. This eases the work and effort to be done from installation to their cleaning and maintenance.

The Perfect Fit blinds alone show how much improvement furnishings have experienced in general. Once more, technology has acted upon these window coverings, especially when it related to their looks.

7 Living Room Design Ideas and Pictures

December 5th, 2014

The living room is no doubt an essential part of a residence. It is primarily a lounging spot for yourself, for your family and for anyone who you want to invite in. Relaxation and socialisation is definitely up its agenda.

Now, if you are not exactly thrilled about how your living room has turned out, you do not have to be worry. You can still make it up with these design ideas. With your determination and the right professional team like the London Decorators, these can all be accomplished and brought to life.

Go for a new wall coating. Even with this method alone, it can make such a huge difference. There are many colours you can choose from and you can even go for more than one. If you are into patterns, you can make use of wallpapers. Whatever your living room concept is, a great way to start designing is to establish the paint, more so with the help of Kilburn painters & decorators.

Improve your flooring. You must always maintain the good condition of your floors. Supposing they are out of shape, to put it simply, you should go out of your way to fix any flaws like holes and cracks. Doing so will heighten the safety in the area as you stay in it. They do not even have to be boring, since they come in many designs and styles.

Buy unconventional furniture. Pieces now come in so many forms, so for sure you will find anything that strikes your fancy. Colour is a factor too. You do not have to stick to the usual white or black. Say, your concept is a simple peachy shade. You can then put some pop to the place with a bright and vibrant couch.

Be wise with storage. With the entertainment system in there, you will want your CDs and DVDs to be accessible. Hence, there are now articles of furniture that can double as depositories. For example, a chair can act as a sturdy storage unit for your coffee table magazines.

Change the positioning of elements. You do not have to stick to standard arrangements. Whatever the placement of the couch, for instance, what you should only note is that you must be able to make use of the space you have to the fullest.

Invest in technological advancements. Of course, it is almost a staple to have your television and/or stereo system in the living room. You can stay with it or opt to purchase new models. If the latter, then you might as well give in to inventions such as those TV screens installed directly to furniture or to the walls.

Personalise with décor. Ornaments are what makes the place more with character and identity. So, you can just look back to your theme or incorporate design ideas. Put up photo frames, paintings and all that. What is important here is you show your personality through adornments.

Designing can be a different and foreign realm but you can make it an enjoyable experience.

Plantation Shutter Styles and Inspiration

November 17th, 2014

Do you want to give a new appearance to your home? You can do that somewhat even just by improving how your windows look. And that is with the help of plantation shutters. These are window coverings that do just that, cover, but in a stylish and attractive looking way.

Now, plantation shutters London offer five kinds that you can choose from. They are all beautiful and functional in their own way, so pick whichever that suits your preferences.

1. Full Height
Popular with long windows, this type is one unit that is divided into two sets by a rail. Each division is then with parallel slats that you can operate separately. When the light is up, close them and then open them up any time you want to. This may be done with a remote control, even. It is the standard style of plantation shutters and it offers the utmost level of protection and privacy for you and the other occupants of the home.

2. Café Style
If you want a window furnishing that provides you with some air and maybe a view, you should go for Café Style. There are two divisions and typically, the upper part is where it is left with no louvres, while the lower part has those slats. This is good for you if you wish for some seclusion but still with a small opening for the sun and other elements.

3. Tier on Tier
This kind is similar to the Full Height but there are two units, which are top and bottom panels, still with louvres. Nevertheless, the two types are the same: you can control it to your liking. When you open or close it though, you have to move the whole panels, unlike in Full Height where only the parallel slats shall move.

4. Solid Panels
Do you want total silence and darkness, especially when you are on your slumber? Well, you can do so with this. Solid Panels are as what their name suggests, they are panels or blocks that when left ajar, it can bring total light, air and noise. Otherwise, it also gives entire tranquility and quiet. It is a good kind for bedrooms, nurseries and study rooms, among others.

5. Special Shapes
There are, of course, houses with different structures and architecture. Some windows are shaped into arcs and other angles. You do not have to worry about those because there are plantation shutters for them as well. Special Shapes are custom made to fit any contour and frame of your window.

The choice is definitely yours. Bottom line is, they all have purposes and they carry them out well. And so, you must get in touch with a topnotch company that will not only provide you with the plantation shutters, but one that will basically offer you both the design and installation. Again, these shutters are lovely, with the many colours and styles you can pick out. Take the time to study them and get units that emulate your character as the house owner.

Get The London Look In Your Home

August 15th, 2014

Get The London Look In Your Home

We all have that dream for a luxurious and chic home, right? I know I do. When I think of classy, my mind would wander to Europe and then, well, what have you, I just end up imagining London!

London is the UK’s best and biggest city (its capital, if I must say so) and we all know, it is a global metropolis that is a leader in the arts, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, research and development, tourism and many more. It is the place to be!

Now, when you just aren’t able to behold London’s beauty with your own eyes – yet, then consider decorating your home to look and feel like you are there in London, being your elegant little self.

As I have mentioned, London is sophisticated and high level territory. But emulating it won’t be that difficult, trust me.

Go big but minimal. That is downright confusing but it also speaks volumes. I have noticed in London interior design that they play around with big pieces like couches and tables. Did you notice the blinds in London? But on the contrary, they go light on their choice of colors. They either use shades of white, brown, black or maybe even pastel. London is minimalism at its finest.

Flaunt your works of art. London is rich in culture and their art is a major way of life. Notice they have loads of churches, museums, art shows, galleries and the like? They value art as it is their way of expression. A London style home surely has pictures and paintings that line their walls. Therefore, you can put up some artworks and they do not necessarily have to be pricey, you know. Just be sure they reflect you, the owner of the residence.

Be open. And I do not only mean your living space but also your mind. Let’s tackle your home space first. It doesn’t automatically mean that you should own a large unit, but it implies that you must make use of whatever area you have. Choose only the furniture pieces that are needed and position them wisely that you will still have exposed part for breathing and balance. Next, opening up your intellect is a general rule that is essential for all, not just for London people, I believe. In the first place, you must have been open enough to change your interior into a London inspired home, right?

Strut like a London fashionista. Of course, of course. The queen or king of the humble London abode should dress and feel like a trendsetter. London is big in fashion, from runway models in the Fashion Week to even fashion enthusiasts on the streets. Don’t get left behind. Use your clothes to communicate and show your personality to the world.

Ah, London, London. You are full of possibilities and opportunities. But as they say, you make your own destiny in this world. So, say, you want a London home, stand up and get on it. Start the project of your dream quarters now!

Landscaping for Kids

May 4th, 2014

kids in the gardenIn this day and age, do you ever see kids running around and play around a garden or park? Most of these days kids are busy tapping on tablets and computer keyboards. Seldom do you see children running around playing in the park. Once they learn how to use gadgets, they will be seen less outside your home. Most of the time, you see them sitting and playing games on the computer or handheld gadgets. How do you encourage children to run and play outside?

Promote socialization. The benefits of activity like playing with other kids hone social skills of children.  They learn to interact and communicate effectively with others. Running, jumping and playing around your yard would be the safest way for kids to get their exercise and sufficient amount of vitamin D from the sunshine. However, if your outdoor space is not conducive for children, it may also discourage outdoor play and activities. If you are considering landscape for your outdoor space or garden, it is important that you consider the place as a relaxing area not just for you but your kids as well. There are quite a lot of advantages in landscaping your garden for the kids:

Encourage curiosity and experiential learning. One important consideration is to include plants that are safe for children. Children are naturally curious. This curiosity will pave the way for knowledge and learning through experience. They would want to go and around and explore their surroundings. Give yourself some peace of mind when choosing plants for your landscaping and gardening. Make sure that they are safe for kids whether they are going to crush it or play with it. Though children may always be supervised, they are quite fast and sneak out without you knowing and may try to smell if not taste any leaves of plants in your garden. It is best that you consult with your local landscapers on a list of plants that are safe for kids.

Learn to value the importance of a healthy environment. Though kids grow in a modern world, parents are responsible for teaching them the value of having a healthy environment. The healthy and safe landscape in your yard is one way of showing the role of plants in the cycle of life. This is better appreciated by kids, especially if you have a vegetable garden.

Increase opportunities for family bonding experience. You can ask any landscape gardeners west london about the benefits of having a landscape that is meant for kids and they will surely tell you that it brings together the family in simple ways. You can spend an afternoon reading your favorite book while kids play in a sandbox in your garden or edit a book you’ve been wanting to finish while they play with the swing. Integrating the right accessories and plants for landscaping, while ensuring safety standards will help you achieve a relaxing and safe-for-kids landscaped outdoor garden.

Increase value of your home for people with kids. When your kids grow and you may want to retire to a place you’ve been planning to go to, your landscaped garden that have been designed especially for kids will add value to your home, should you intend to sell it. If you are attracting families with young kids to be the next owner of your home, then landscaping is definitely a plus factor.

Landscaping Against Termites

April 17th, 2014

termiteWho wouldn’t be afraid of having termites at home? It could ruin everything that you build and hoped for. What’s scary about termites is that you don’t even know they are taking down a part of your house until it’s too late.  As such, your landscape gardeners in clapham should help and teach you the basics of termite prevention.

It is quite understandable to be excited when you foresee the attractive changes that you will see after some south london landscaping. However, you should also be aware of how you can protect your home with the possibility of termites with every landscape design or plans that you do. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

Awareness. Improve your knowledge on what makes your home the perfect target for termite. Cellulose is the main ingredient in plant matter. Since wood came from plants or trees, this means that they have cellulose – what termites need to survive. As such, there should be no plants that are too near your house. The plants or any shrub for that matter should be at least three to four feet away. If you find any dead trees, plants or rotting stumps, make sure to remove them right away. If you use firewood, designate a place where you will store them. Ideally, the storage should be 20 feet away from your home.

Contain Moisture. An environment with excessive moisture is conducive for termites to thrive. As such, leaking pipes, faucets and drainage should be repaired immediately. Check your roof and make sure that there is no stagnant water. Your lawn sprinklers should not be near the foundation. Water coming from the sprinklers should also be prevented from coming in contact with the house foundation. In addition, regularly clean gutters for leaks and proper drainage. If you like organic gardening and consider mulch as organic compost, make sure that it does not become a food source and termite breeding ground. Ask landscape experts on the best options for organic compost just to be sure.

Protect. If your home had been recently treated with termite control, advise your landscape designers and gardeners. It is also best to tell the landscape gardeners that you want a termite free garden and lawn. It would spell the difference in maintenance later on. If a new soil is needed for the landscaping project, advise that it should be treated against termite, too. If you are also looking at the possibility of planting a tree for landscaping purposes, make sure that it is planted at least 20 feet away from the house. As the tree grows its roots, it can serve as a pathway for termites to reach the foundation of the house. Wood furniture and accessories should also be checked against termites so as to protect not just your property but also the accessories for quality and duration of use.

Bait. If you are not sure about where the termites’ breeding ground is, you can use termite bait. Coordinate with termite specialists along with landscape designers. It is better to get rid of these pests first before considering a large scale landscape for your outdoor space.

How to achieve that modern bathroom look

August 5th, 2013

You’ve seen photographs of the bathrooms to dream about, I’m talking…




So how does one achieve a beautiful bathroom design like that? Well my first piece of advice is to hire an interior designer, if that is out of your budget, why not try some of these tips:

Here’s a few things you should look at in your bathroom:

  • Walls – Tiles, Paint colour?
  • Decorative objects
  • Flooring – Style of tiles?
  • Bathroom blinds – Waterproof, match or contrast walls?
  • Toilet and sink designs
  • Bathtubs to match the toilet + sinks

You’ve also got to think about this collectively so everything matches up and looks like it is designed to be in the same room.

I’ve barely even started with my bathroom, here’s the sinks I’m thinking of buying:



How cool do they look? Never seen anything like it before until I started researching online today.

Also I picked up these style shutters too:


Beautiful aren’t they? Fairly expensive but they look great and are fully waterproof. Starting to get them in the rest of my house but they’re far too expensive to do all at once.

You have a lot of work ahead of you with designing a bathroom, as do I. Good luck to us both!

Living in your impractical home as you age

July 29th, 2013

I see so many new beautiful homes that anyone would love to live in, yet people of older ages tend to go for small bungalows. Why? It’s simple. Most people don’t decide they want to live in a small bungalow, just like most people don’t decide to live in a care home, they feel they need to in order to continue living comfortably.

Although they probably haven’t heard of a service called domiciliary care, or more commonly known as home care. Home care rutland gives you assistance when you need it, or a more regular home care where someone will live in your home and help you out as much as you need.

So if you have a home like this:


You might be able to stay within your own home. Well, maybe the above picture is an exaggeration, I could imagine that would still be very complicated to use, even with assistance.

There are many types of home care services that can help you or your family member with their specific needs depending on what they need assistance with. Home care oundle can help you with anything from help getting up in the morning, to shopping. Or if you need help going to the toilet or getting changed, home care uppingham can definitely assist you.

What ever you or your family suffers from, whether it’s just old age, a home care agency can definitely help. Hopefully this will make our website a bit more bearable for you, even our older readers can improve their home and live in it. It’s not just for the young!